Our Office

You will find my practice uniquely satisfying in many ways.

My office is clean and modern, yet quaint and private.

I do not employ a large, distracted staff. A sophisticated receptionist will greet you and direct all of her attention to you.

I do not have large numbers of patients in my office at the same time and you will not wait in a crowded waiting room to see me.

I will also greet you personally and have you come directly into my consultation room at the time of your appointment. I will then devote all of my attention to you until you are satisfied that you understand your problem and your options. There is no time limit and you will not be rushed.

In return, I ask that you please make an appointment that you are certain you can keep. Please, do everything possible to be on time and please, do not cancel at the last minute. I will be waiting for you. If you cancel or are late, you inconvenience others.

If after I thoroughly explain all of your options, you will be the one who decides whether surgery is the option for you. I will recommend and perform the least invasive procedure that is most likely to solve your problem. I do not perform unnecessary spinal fusion. I try to avoid fusion unless I am certain it is the best option. If a fusion is the best treatment, I will do it with a minimally-invasive technique. Be aware that very few spine surgeons are routinely applying minimally-invasive techniques.

During my participation in your care, I am immediately available to you by phone and email. I personally return all of my calls and emails within 24-48 hours and can be reached immediately in emergencies. If I am not operating on or taking care of another patient, I will return your call right away.

You will not be asked to come back to my office for unnecessary visits. I do not use stitches or staples that have to be painfully removed a week or two after your surgery. You will go home after surgery and heal without further ado in most cases.
Since I do not run an “assembly line” style of practice, you will get personalized service directly from me without waiting past the time of your appointment in a crowded waiting room. I have a one person that assists me with scheduling your care. Otherwise, you hear directly and promptly from me.

As you peruse this website, consider that most websites are intended to attract your business. I believe that I have much to offer and hate that many people are unsatisfied with their medical care. Almost all of my patients are satisfied with their care, so I hope to give as many people as possible that advantage.

There is no reliable way to find out who is or is not a good surgeon. Most of the doctors in advertisements got there by marketing, not based on any scientific information about the success of their treatment. You also cannot rely on what you read or hear from friends, relatives, or other doctors. In the end, you have to decide for yourself based on your experience in consultation with the surgeon.

I believe that your relationship with your surgeon is one of the most important ones you will have. If you come for a consultation with me and do not feel comfortable when you leave, then I recommend you find another doctor. If you ask me, I will even recommend some other doctors with similar expertise that you might consider. I also support and recommend your getting another opinion.

Keep in mind though that I am one of the few surgeons using minimally-invasive techniques in Orange County, California. Many surgeons advertise minimally-invasive techniques, but seldom use them.