Minimally Invasive Approach

As a former Professor of Neurosurgery at several major California Universities, I have been performing minimally-invasive surgery on the spine for 15 years.

Be aware that spine surgery is an area of medicine that attracts doctors primarily interested in the business of medicine. In an era when doctors are unfairly under paid, spine surgery pays the most. Our medical system is infamous for performing too much and often unnecessary spine surgery. So, chose your spine surgeon carefully and make your decision to have spine surgery based on the best information.

Make sure the spine surgeon that you consult with is not “hungry” to perform surgery. A good spine surgeon will do everything possible to help you avoid an operation. The best spine surgeons will be able to offer you a minimally-invasive technique if you ultimately decide that surgery is the best option for you.

“Minimally-invasive” is a phrase often abused by some doctors to attract more patients (i.e., more money) to their practice. If you have a consultation and the doctor says, “I do minimally-invasive surgery, but your case cannot be done that way,” thank him or her and look for another doctor. I am able to treat more than 95% of my patients with a true minimally-invasive technique.

The advantages of minimally-invasive spine surgery are many and most are obvious. The incisions are smaller and less of your normal tissue is disrupted. This reduces pain from the surgery and gets you back on your feet and back to your normal life sooner. You typically will need smaller doses of pain medication for shorter periods of time after the surgery. For many procedures you can go home the same day or the next morning. The risks of infection and bleeding are diminished with minimally-invasive spine surgery. Some other surgical risks like spinal fluid leakage may be diminished as well.

Honestly speaking, I too wish to attract you to my practice by providing information. I hope that you will come for a consultation and judge for yourself.

Please, explore other sections of this website to become more knowledgeable about the treatment of spine problems. I hope that the information here will steer you toward better treatment.