Personal Touch in Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Spine Care

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A Personal Touch to Spine Surgery

I left the frustrating beaurocracy of academic (university-based) medicine several years ago. At the time I had a concept of patient service that to me made the most sense; in other words, what I would want if I went to see a doctor.

So, I established the practice that I have now. The central concept is personal service. I would not wait in a crowded doctor’s office while he runs an hour late or more, so I would not expect you to either. In my office I see you at the time of your appointment (so it is very important that you are on time and do not cancel).

There is no crowded waiting room. I see you when you arrive. There is a single office manager that will focus her attention on you and you only. I do not have a large, chaotic, distracted office staff. The atmosphere is tranquil and focused on you.

Your consultation takes as long as necessary for you to understand your condition and the treatment options. You will not be rushed. You are in my office to consider a major life decision – whether or not to have surgery. Consequently, I go to great lengths to help you understand your problem and all of the treatment options. I will show you your MRI scan and explain it to you in detail.

If you decide that surgery is the best option for you, I use the least invasive technique that I believe will solve your problem. When it comes to spine surgery for the treatment of pain, I do not tell patients that they MUST have surgery. It is an option. Be very wary of a surgeon that pushes you toward having surgery. You may not need it!

Be aware of surgeons claiming to use minimally invasive techniques. Very few actually know how to use these techniques and seldom apply them. I will make sure you understand the minimally invasive technique that I apply to your condition.

I also try to avoid spinal fusion when possible. But, be aware that fusion in certain situations is the right treatment and very successful. Avoid surgeons who never use fusion – it is sometimes the correct and most successful treatment. I can accomplish virtually all fusion procedures with minimally invasive techniques.

In short, your surgical experience with me will be more comfortable. You will often go home the same day of the surgery or the next day. You will be able to get about your home and take care of yourself. You will have less pain and be back to your usual activities sooner than if you have the type of surgery performed by other doctors.

I am personally available to you. I answer all of my on phone calls and emails. I make every effort to keep you from getting bogged down in the system. That is the way healthcare should be!