Back pain is a leading cause of lost productivity at work and diminished quality of life at home. Yet, most of us will have at least one serious episode of back pain within our lifetimes. If that’s all you have to contend with, consider yourself lucky. Many others will face constant pain, rendering some completely disabled.

Conventional treatments, such as avoiding strenuous activity, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy, will prove sufficient to control the symptoms for many back and neck pain patients. A small percentage, however, will become candidates for spine surgery. While it might seem like a quick cure-all, undergoing an operation should be the last resort—after all other means have been tried and have failed.

The following five part Pain Series was written for ABILITY Magazine (the covers link to free digi-issues):

OUCH – Headaches

OUCH – A Pain in the Back

OUCH – Fybromyalgia

OUCH – Facial Pain

OUCH – Vascular Disease